No fear of the dentist

Relaxed atmosphere, pain-free treatment and mild anaesthetic

Before going to the dentist, most people are nervous, perhaps even a little afraid. With this in mind, we respond by treating our patients in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere with the most up-to-date and patient-friendly technology. We attach great importance to making the procedure as painless as possible.

No fear of the dentist – building trust

Some people have such a fear of dentists that they put off appointments, sometimes even for years. The reasons for being afraid of dentists mostly have to do with a fear of pain. Often there is also a fear of helplessness, or the fear of choking or vomiting. For those patients who have a fear of dentists, we offer special relaxation methods and take time to build trust and break down unnecessary fears. We often find that tension is already dispelled after an initial reassuring conversation.

For anxious patients, long waiting times are an unnecessary strain. Tell us about your fears so that we can accommodate you and your needs. As we are an appointment-only practice, your waiting time is kept as short as possible, in any case. If you are particularly sensitive to pain, we recommend afternoon appointments - because for most people, the feeling of pain is lower at that time of day.

Relaxing with music and DVDs instead of fear of the dentist

For mild cases of fear or anxiety, a distraction often helps. Due to our special ambience, you will find yourself being advised and treated in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. Or why not bring your own music along? Because the right music can also help you to relax. After just ten minutes, blood pressure and heart rate levels normally drop and at the same time, the fear of the dentist also decreases. The Nilius Clinic in Germany also offers you the option of watching a DVD during your treatment.

For patients with a fear of the dentist, treatments can also be carried out using under twilight sedation or an anaesthetic, thus ensuring that the patient feels neither pain nor unpleasantness. In many cases, the use of a water laser makes a drill superfluous and also ensures a comfortable treatment.

Using suggestion and hypnosis to combat fear of the dentist

If desired, we can also offer suggestion and hypnosis in order to provide a fear-free treatment. Hypnosis dulls external stimuli, as well as the patient's sensitivity to pain. In some cases, such sensitivity can even be completely suppressed. With superficial hypnosis, you feel awake and are conscious of the treatment being carried out. With deep hypnosis you fall into a sleep-like state. Hypnosis may therefore ease the treatment. Whether such treatment works, and the extent of its effectiveness, does however vary significantly from patient to patient.

Treating fear with tranquillizers, sedatives and anaesthetic

Before cases of particularly painful or lengthy treatments, you can receive a tranquillizer from us and take it the night before your appointment. Sedation is welcomed particularly by nervous or anxious patients. As part of the treatment, we administer anti-panic medication and a centrally effective form of pain medication directly into the vein of the arm. This means you can reach a pleasant state of semi-consciousness during the treatment. After treatment in a "twilight state", you will awake with a pleasant and comfortable feeling.

If the fear of the dentist is extremely strong, you can also opt to have dental treatment under a general anaesthetic. For many years, we have worked successfully with a team of anaesthetists. Our anaesthetised treatments usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays.

Do not hesitate to contact us about your dentist-related fears. By so doing, we can best cater to your needs and make your visit to the german Nilius Clinic in Dortmund as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.


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