Three-dimensional diagnostics

3D diagnostics for all areas of the head,
using digital volume tomography

Using digital volume tomography (DVT), the Nilius Clinic Dortmund in Germany prepares a 3D diagnosis and 3D operation planning for all areas of the head. In particular, for the precise design of dental implants, we make use of 3D images of the jaw and teeth. With DVT, we can create three-dimensional images of your jaw and teeth. For you the patient, the diagnostic process is particularly safe. Compared to traditional computer tomography (CT), the level of radiation in modern digital volume tomography is considerably lower.

A three-dimensional model of the head, thanks to 3D diagnostics

On our computer, we are able to examine the three-dimensional model of a patient's head from all sides and are even able to look inside the bones. Nerve canals as well as tissue and bone structures in the jaw become visible. Armed with this knowledge, we are able to find the best implant solutions, even for anatomically difficult cases.

3D diagnostics – exact planning of treatment steps

Your individual 3D data set is digitally saved. This is then used for an even more secure (and for you, a time-saving) implantation. At the computer, we can plan all treatment steps exactly – without you needing to be there in person. At the same time, a computer-aided navigation system allows us to use the 3D data set in order to carry out a safe and accurate implant procedure. In this way, damage to nerves or blood vessels can be prevented. Planned to the precise detail, we can set the implants so that they fit your individual jaw and bones. Your new teeth (prostheses) will be perfectly secured to these optimally positioned implants.

3D diagnostics – orthodontics for children's teeth

In the area of orthodontics, we also avail of low-radiation 3D diagnostics using DVT in order to procure an optimal picture of impacted or supernumerary teeth in children. Thanks to the three-dimensional portrayal of the condition of teeth and the jaw, we can plan the procedure down to the last detail. Often a minor, minimally invasive operation can suffice as a solution for our younger patients and can contribute to a faster healing process.
We'll be happy to talk to you in person to explain more about the numerous opportunities offered by modern 3D diagnostics and 3D operation planning.


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