Nilius Clinic in Germany

Special services

The Nilius Clinic in Germany pays a particularly high level of attention to the wishes and needs of its patients. Even those with a fear of the dentist are in safe hands with us. We offer these patients either a "twilight sedation" treatment or anaesthetic, in order to guarantee a pain-free procedure.

In our clinic, we attach the utmost importance to the precise preparation of all procedures. For example, when preparing implants or planning operations, we use digital volume tomography (DVT). Thanks to 3D diagnostics, this allows even crowns and bridges to be prepared within an hour.

No fear of the dentist


We pay a particularly high level of attention to the needs of nervous or anxious patients, in order to guarantee a pain-free treatment.

3D diagnostics


Using 3D diagnostics, we can create precise and perfectly fitting implants, bridges and crowns in only one hour.



Vor und nach operativen Eingriffen im Mund kann eine ausgewählte Ernährung die Wundheilung fördern. Wir beraten Sie gerne.