A beautiful face

Gentle therapies using the latest technology

The Nilius Clinic Dortmund in Germany is a specialist in the area of cosmetic facial surgery. To the forefront of our work is the idea of facial harmony. A natural, beautiful face based on the European ideal of beauty is the objective of every procedure.
With our "all-in-one" concept we cover all types of facial treatment – from the gentle treatment of wrinkles via facial surgery procedures through to jaw surgery and orthodontics. Our competent team are thus the ideal partners to turn to with questions and for ideas on facial harmonisation.

We attach particular importance to providing you with treatment that is as pain-free as possible. If desired, for out-patient procedures we can place patients under twilight sedation or use an anaesthetic. That way, we can ensure a deliberate avoidance of any discomfort.

A beautiful face through facial re-contouring

In the area of facial re-contouring we offer different types of anti-wrinkle treatment for a beautiful face. These include anti-wrinkle treatment with hyaluronan, injecting wrinkles with collagen as well as facial relaxation using Botox (botulinum toxin A). Lip augmentation and liquid facelifts also fall into this category. The Nilius Clinic applies gentle therapies using the latest technology.

A beautiful face using facial reconstruction

In the case of deeper wrinkles as well as bigger facial changes, we can gently achieve natural results for a beautiful face using facial reconstruction. In the area of anti-wrinkle treatment, the german Nilius Practice Clinic offers forehead lifts, facelifts, mini facelifts, eyelid lifts as well as eyelid tightening. Nose correction, ear correction and chin alignment are also included in our range of services, as well as scar correction and jaw alignment, a procedure to rectify dysgnathia. With a facial implant we can even out weakly developed parts of the face, such as a receding chin or flat cheekbones. Liposuction, which can, for example, be used to rectify a double chin, also belongs to the range of facial reconstruction treatments at the Nilius Clinic.

We will be happy to personally introduce you to our range of services and modern treatment opportunities.

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