Beautiful teeth

For your well-being and natural harmony

Beautiful and healthy teeth make an important contribution to your well-being and accentuate the natural harmony of your face. As a centre of excellence for cosmetic dentistry, the german Nilius Clinic in Dortmund is the ideal dental partner for those who want beautiful teeth. With our "all-in-one" concept, we offer you dental, implant, orthodontic and jaw surgery treatments, all under one roof in Germany.

We treat our patients using the latest technology and in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere. In doing so, we attach great importance to making procedures as painless as possible. For those patients who have a fear of the dentist, we offer particularly gentle methods and take time to build trust and break down unnecessary fears.
Because we offer services in dental care, implants, orthodontics and jaw surgery all from under the one roof, we can provide our patients with comprehensive and holistic solutions to their dental problems. What's more, this also allows you to benefit from ease of access and to avoid unnecessary waiting times.

Dental care – conserving your beautiful teeth in the long-term

Dental health begins with regular preventive care, which guards against tooth decay and inflammation of the gums. Preventive care has an important role to play in conserving your teeth, something that is always at the forefront of our work. If the roots of your teeth are inflamed and root canal treatment is necessary, we carry out this procedure in a way that is as pain-free as possible. We insist upon the highest of standards in all of our work in order to be able to relieve your complaints and keep you in long-term good health.

We constantly aim to turn your desired solution into a reality and to bring a beautiful smile back to your face. To achieve this, cosmetic dentistry offers you many possibilities. Premium quality crowns and inlays, as well as add-ons such as veneers and lumineers, can be implanted by means of precise pre-planning and a computer-aided production process – and all in just one single treatment session. You can also have your teeth bleached in just one session, thus brightening up your smile in a way that is gentle on the teeth and long-lasting.

Beautiful teeth using modern dental implants

Implants are an increasingly sought-after alternative in the area of high-quality dentures. Unlike a prosthesis, a dental implant is securely anchored in the jaw as an artificial root. If missing teeth present an urgent problem, we then pursue the concept of "teeth in one hour" with dental implants. A prior 3D diagnosis and 3D operation planning by means of digital volume tomography (DVT) allows us to fit the implant in a single treatment, which is then immediately covered by a crown. Directly after the procedure, the patient can use and eat with the artificial tooth. Thanks to modern implantology and implant prosthetics, damaged teeth can also be painlessly restored.

Jaw surgery – beautiful teeth, facial harmony and a better quality of life

Out-of-position teeth or a misaligned jaw (dysgnathia) can lead to speech impediments and problems when eating. Facial harmony is also negatively affected by such misalignments. A jaw surgery corrective procedure relieves pain, rectifies problems affecting the opening of the mouth and ensures beautiful teeth and an improved facial appearance. However, jaw surgery does not just ensure beautiful teeth; it also comes into play if the maxillary sinus becomes infected or if root end surgery or the removal of cysts is required. The removal of wisdom teeth is also part of jaw surgery.

Feel free to contact us, so that we can assist you to enhance your well-being and to acquire beautiful teeth. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have on the theme of cosmetic dentistry.

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