Nilius Clinic's all-in-one concept

The best patient-oriented care

Our "all-in-one concept", reflects our determination to be a clinic that provides the best patient-oriented care. Dental, implantological, orthodontic and facial surgery treatments are all offered by us under one roof. This saves you unnecessary time and effort.

Nilius Clinic – implant planning using 3D diagnostics

For urgent and distressing cases where there is a tooth missing, the Nilius Clinic in Germany pursues the "teeth in one hour" concept. Here, the implant is fitted in a single treatment and is covered immediately with a crown. This treatment is based on the "manager process", which involves a prior 3D diagnosis and operation planning by means of digital volume tomography (DVT). The Nilius Clinic employs a minimally invasive and computer-aided implantology process and so-called keyhole surgery, thereby avoiding pain and easing the patient's discomfort.

Nilius Clinic – making your desired solution a reality

We are not just responsible for three-dimensional planning and surgical procedures. We also offer our patients all services under one roof, including prosthetics and preventive care. In this way, we can make your desired solution a reality and bring a smile back to your face.

Nilius Clinic in Germany – facial harmony

For the Nilius Clinic, facial harmony is at the forefront of our work. We see dental treatment and implantology always in terms of the individual face of a person. Implants may be part of the jaw, but teeth are part of the face. For this reason, we specialise in the sensitive and cosmetic fitting of implants and dentures.

Nilius Clinic – look naturally younger

The Nilius Clinic also specialises in cosmetic facial surgery and in all procedures which contribute to facial harmony. We offer you a step-by-step process leading to a younger and naturally beautiful appearance. In so doing, we use innovative techniques and reliable biological implants in order to gently combat wrinkles, to reduce minor skin damage and to restore a fresh youthful look – just as if you had returned from a relaxing summer holiday!
Added to that, we can tighten droopy eyelids and remove bags under the eyes within a few hours and with no noticeable scars. We also offer facelifts and forehead lifts for raising the brow area. Lip augmentation, lip reduction, double chin removal as well as nose and ear correction surgery are also available. Normally, facial surgery procedures are carried out in the Nilius Clinic on an outpatient basis and if desired using twilight sedation.

Nilius Clinic in Germany– personal consultation

As in all of our lines of work, the Nilius Clinic in Germany is also a strong advocate of quality assurance when it comes to cosmetic facial surgery. Alongside the latest operation techniques, the Nilius Clinic has a range of high-tech equipment at its disposal. Every patient benefits from a comprehensive follow-up examination. If you have questions on our comprehensive range of treatments, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to personally welcoming you to our practice clinic for cosmetic dentistry and facial surgery in Dortmund.


3D diagnostics


Using 3D diagnostics, we can create precise and perfectly fitting implants, bridges and crowns in only one hour.


No fear of the dentist


We pay a particularly high level of attention to the needs of nervous or anxious patients, in order to guarantee a pain-free treatment.


Doctors and clinic team


The competent team of doctors and surgery staff at the Nilius Clinic will gladly assist you with any question you may have. We take the time to listen.